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Washing Machine Repairs in Chatham, Medway and Kent

Although Washing Machines are used on a daily basis, it is not always until our washing machine breaks that we realise just how dependent we are on them. Used very regularly, our washing machines do a lot of work, so it is to be expected that now and then there will be a mechanical fault with them and we need a Washing Machine Repair Expert.

We often assume that it is cheaper to buy a new washing machine if ours breaks, rather than getting a faulty washing machine repaired. However, we ensure that this is not the case at K O Domestic Repairs in Chatham, Medway in Kent.

washing machine repairs in chatham, medway, kent-k.o domestic repairs in chatham, medway, kent..

Over the years, K.O  Domestic Repairs In Chatham, Medway, Kent have fixed thousands of washing machines that don’t even need a replacement part to make it work again. Instead, it is a simple fault that can be easily fixed.  

Washing machines Repaired in Chatham, Medway, Kent-K.O Domestic Repairs in Kent

Sometimes the cause of the problem is as simple as leaving something in clothes pockets that has got stuck in the filter or pump and caused the washing machine to break.  

tumble dryer repairs-k.o domestic repairs in chatham, medway, kent.

Instead of paying the expense of buying a new washing machine, this can be avoided by getting it repaired by K.O Domestic Repairs and instead paying simple a £40 labour charge.  

Sometimes when washing machines are used a lot, often in large families, for example, the problem with the machine can be caused by simply wear and tear.  Certain parts of the washing machine can wear out such as belts, for example, and need replacing.  To ensure that you are not waiting an eternity to have your washing machine repaired, we carry a wide variety of spare parts with us to all call outs.

We can help with many common washing machine problems including:

  • Your washing machine fills when it isn’t supposed to be
  • The machine is not draining properly
  • The water is not heating correctly
  • No water entering the washing machine
  • The washing machine leaking
  • The washing machine program is not completing, or stopping mid-cycle
  • Washing machine error codes showing
  • The lights are not working and ceased operation
  • The laundry is not being cleaned completely
  • Electrical problems with the machine such as fusing and tripping
  • The doors are jammed
  • There is excess noise coming from the machine
  • The fabric compartment is not being used or is filling up with water

Rather than spending money and time purchasing a new washing machine, contact K O Domestic Repairs in Chatham, Medway, Kent to get your washing machine repaired and working again quickly, avoiding large piles of dirty laundry piling up in your home!

If you would like our Washing Machine repairs specialist of Chatham Medway to visit you today then give us a call on 01634 510237

Our experience and expertise ensures we can fix any problem you have with your washing machine. For quick and reliable washing machine repair, get in touch with us.