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Tremendous Tumble Dryer Repairs Chatham, Medway & Kent.

Are you in need of tumble dryer repairs in Chatham or the Medway Towns in Kent? If your tumble dryer stops working correctly and acquires a fault, it is generally more reasonable to repair than it is to replace it with a new one.

When the weather is warm and sunny, yes that does happen from time to time in England, it’s nice to hang your clean washing on the line to dry. However, when the weather gets colder, this isn’t always feasible, and tumble dryers are essential for getting your laundry dry when line drying isn’t viable.

Laundry items such as towels, always feel better coming out of the dryer. There is no point wasting conditioner on towels to hang them on the line where they feel dry and scratchy. Putting towels in the tumble dryer is a better option for soft, fresh and fluffy towels.

Condenser Dryer Repairs

It is widespread for the belts and thermostats to play up with tumble dryers. Which means getting your tumble dryer repaired works out much cheaper for you than replacing your tumble dryer with a new one.

KO Domestic Repairs carry most parts for conventional dryers and condenser type dryers with us. Most of the time we can repair your tumble dryer there and then.  Repairing tumble dryers is relatively easy when you know-how. Our expert repair engineers have a far-reaching range of parts so we would usually anticipate fixing it the first time.

Help Me My Tumble Dryer is Broken!

Common parts used while carrying out a tumble dryer repair are much more inexpensive than other appliances. Drive belts, pulley wheels, drum shafts, and drum bearings can be very reasonable to replace.

The majority of parts are reasonably priced, and if your tumble dryer does need an expensive part, you are not obliged to have the repair carried out. If this is the case, we can supply and install a new tumble dryer very quickly.

This makes the process seamless and stresses free.

Repairing your tumble dryer will save you time and cash, and you won’t have to agonise about the weather!

Common Tumble Dryer Faults

If you would like your tumble dryer repaired quickly and efficiently don’t delay! Call KO Domestic Repairs in Chatham, Medway and Kent on 07958 065395

  • Really noisy tumble dryers
  • When there is no drum movement
  • If there is no heat in the tumble dryer
  • The lights come on, but the tumble dryer doesn’t start
  • Fusing issues
  • Leaking (note that this will only happen on condenser machines)
  • Burning smells
  • Error code issues
  • The filter light is coming on although the filter is clear
  • Poor drying performance
  • Clothes are extremely creased

Why Choose KO Domestic Repairs?

Don’t get let down by less able tumble dryer repair companies. If you’re in Chatham, Medway or the surrounding areas of Kent and need effective, efficient condenser dryer  or tumble dryer repairs at affordable prices. Why not give us a call here at KO Domestic Repairs?

In Need Of A Tumble Dryer Repair? Here’s What We Can Repair For You:

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Modern life runs at a fast pace, and it can be challenging to remember every little detail. If there is one thing that you take forward from today, it is that KO Domestic Repairs should be your FIRST point of call for condenser dryer  & tumble dryer repairs in the Medway Towns including Chatham, Walderslade, Hempstead, Gillingham, Rainham, Sittingbourne, Twydall, Teynham, Strood, Rochester, Gravesend, Dartford, Erith, Sidcup, Bexley and the Entire Kent Area, and South East London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not a chance. The engineer will carry parts that are most regularly applied for these kinds of repairs. If required, we can also order further parts and book a second visit to finish the repairs. Please note that the supply, delivery, and installation of all spare parts remain free of charge. You only pay for the part due to our fixed labour cost.

You bet, absolutely! Most areas across Kent are served, so please feel free to book a repair visit as soon as today.

While a common task would ordinarily take roughly 1 to 2 hours to complete, this timescale can vary depending on how significant the damage is. Another factor could be the type of parts that need to be renewed.

No Call Out Fees at all, We do have a standard labour fee of £45. So you get a fixed repair price and no call-out fee.


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