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Although washing machines are used daily, it is not always until our washing machine breaks that we realise just how reliant we are on them. Most households use them daily, our washing machines like us have a heavy workload, so we shouldn’t be surprised if now and then they have the odd mechanical fault with them.

These are the time that we need a Washing Machine Repair Expert. Over the last thirty years, KO Domestic Repairs in Chatham, Medway, Kent have mended thousands of washing machines that oddly enough don’t even require a replacement part to make it work again.

Rather than paying the expense of buying a new washing machine, this can be dodged by getting it repaired by KO Domestic Repairs.

Remember a simple fault that can be easily fixed!

Washer Dryer Repairs

Sometimes the root of the problem is as innocent as leaving something in clothes pockets that may have got stuck in the filter or pump and caused the washing machine to break. Some parts of the washing machine can wear out, such as belts, and require replacing.

To ensure that you are not waiting forever to have your washing machine repaired, we stock an ample assortment of spare parts with us for all call outs.

KO Domestic Repairs in Chatham, Medway, Kent get your washing machine repaired and working again pronto, avoiding large piles of dirty laundry piling up in your home!
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Help Me, My Washing Machine’s Broken.

Our experience and expertise ensure we can fix any problem you have with your washing machine. For quick and reliable washing machine repair, get in touch with us.

We often believe that it is more inexpensive to purchase a new washing machine if ours breaks, rather than getting a faulty washing machine repaired. However, we ensure that this is not the case at KO Domestic Repairs in Chatham, Medway in Kent.

A broken washing machine or dryer can spell real trouble in an orderly household, unusually if an interview, an important business event, or a wedding is approaching on the horizon. That’s why it’s worth locating a dependable technician for your washer or dryer repair.

Common Washing Machine Faults

Even if your washing machine doesn’t stop functioning completely, it may exhibit signs that it is sickly.

If you recognise any of these signs, it would be smart to call the KO Domestic Repairs washing machine repair team right away. To ensure that the drama doesn’t get worse and more tricky to fix:

  • Vibrating and bouncing. Most washing machines tremble and quiver to some extent. But, if your machine abruptly grows more energetic in its actions, it is most helpful to have the shock absorbers inspected.
    When water does not drain from the machine, it may just be a blocked filter or hose, or something more threatening like a broken pump or severe fault in the motor itself.
  • Ripped clothes. My kids tell me that ripped jeans are all the rage, but if your washing machine starts eating up the laundry, it’s not trying to be stylish. Call in our expert to see if there’s a dilemma with the drum.
  • Extreme noise, just as with too much vibrating, this is a symptom of something coming free behind the drum. There could be an issue with the pump and bearings could be affected or impaired.
  • Failure to spin could be something straightforward like cramming in too large a load. It could, however, be an indication of difficulties with the motor or an obstructed drain pump.
  • If there is no water intake, check the taps and the hose-tap connection for restrictions. If all seems fine, then there could be trouble with the pumping taps or water valve. This is the time to pick up the phone and call in the professionals.
  • When the door doesn’t open, make sure there’s no water inside the washing machine. As generally machines do not open if there is water already in the drum. Defective doors are due to switch problems which block the lock from discharging or may be jammed due to damage. Please don’t fret, we can fix it.
  • For those times, when the machine stops working and despite your best efforts will not do as it’s told and turn on, it’s not a catastrophic mess. Faulty or damaged switches or wiring, overheating, could cause the interlock on the door to not work. Call KO Domestic Repairs to diagnose and rectify the problem.
  • If your washing machine turns your stomach due to a nasty whiff, it just wants a sound clean and flush through. The pong will usually be mould and bacteria build up inside the filters, the soap drawer or around the rubber seals.

Why Choose KO Domestic Repairs?

Don’t get let down by less able washing machine repair companies. If you’re in Chatham, Medway or the surrounding areas of Kent and need effective, efficient washing machine or washer dryer repairs at affordable prices. Why not give us a call here at KO Domestic Repairs?

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Modern life runs at a fast pace, and it can be challenging to remember every little detail. If there is one thing that you take forward from today, it is that KO Domestic Repairs should be your FIRST point of call for washing machine repairs in the Medway Towns including Chatham, Walderslade, Hempstead, Gillingham, Rainham, Sittingbourne, Twydall, Teynham, Strood, Rochester, Gravesend, Dartford, Erith, Sidcup, Bexley and the Entire Kent Area, and South East London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not a chance. The engineer will carry parts that are most regularly applied for these kinds of repairs. If required, we can also order further parts and book a second visit to finish the repairs. Please note that the supply, delivery, and installation of all spare parts remain free of charge. You only pay for the part due to our fixed labour cost.

You bet, absolutely! Most areas across Kent are served, so please feel free to book a repair visit as soon as today.

While a common task would ordinarily take roughly 1 to 2 hours to complete, this timescale can vary depending on how significant the damage is. Another factor could be the type of parts that need to be renewed.

No Call Out Fees at all, We do have a standard labour fee of £45. So you get a fixed repair price and no call-out fee.


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Great service, fixed my washing machine very quickly, would happily recommend! Thanks Keith!

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Brillant service, well priced, I have used Keith quite a few times, either through my cleaning company or personally, he is always at the end of the phone to help. Highly recommend.

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Quick, efficient and reasonably priced service. Would definitely recommend

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Highly recommend. A friendly professional quick service, at a reasonable price and helpful advice too. Thank you! Alison in Chatham.

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